When Audra Spurio took her 2-year-old daughter, G, to a local shelter in their community, they checked all the adoptable dogs in their kennels. All seemed adorable and friendly. But there’s one particular pup that G went to see at least three times.

The dog didn’t have a name. Her feet swell because of staph infection. Her eyes had infectious goop, and snot ran on her nose. She’s incredibly terrified that she cringed at the back of her kennel.

But despite her pitiful state, G instantly liked her. The sweet girl wanted to meet the nameless dog. And she asked her mom to let the pup out of her cage. “Let doggie out,” she said.

Audra took the dog out of the kennel and placed a leash around her neck. As soon as she took her out, the poor animals collapsed on the floor because of fear. But G took the leash and gave her all the time that she needed. A few minutes later, the pup stood up and walked with her.

G took the pup into the yard, and they played outside for hours. She wiped her goopy eyes and runny nose using her dress. And she noticed how filthy the pup’s ears were, but she couldn’t care any less.

G knew how much love and attention the dog needs. She showered her with hugs and kisses and gave her as much belly rubs as she could.

A few hours later, Audra placed the dog back into her kennel. The poor soul started to shake uncontrollably as soon as she stepped back inside her cell. G didn’t want to leave her; she refused to let her back in. She cried as she hugged her from outside the cage.

It took a couple of days, but in the end, G got what she wanted. The nameless dog is now called Scarlett, and she’s home with G, feeling a lot better.

Credits to Audra Spurio


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