You’re falling in love.

The way your date nibbles on the inside of their cheek when they’re deep in thought, the way the light sparkles in their hair.

What’s the next step? Dog dates. If your lover isn’t a fan of your dog, they’re not the right person for you.

The good news is that planning dog-centered dates is incredibly easy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Volunteer at the Pound

What happens if you’re an animal lover who doesn’t have a pet but still wants to play with dogs? You volunteer at the pound. This is a fantastic date idea because you don’t need anything besides a willing spirit.

Dog pounds are often severely understaffed and underfunded. The staff doesn’t have the ability to shower every animal with the love it deserves, no matter how much they want to. That’s where you come in.

You and your date can do fun activities like walking the dogs. They’re cooped up in their kennels most of the day and really appreciate the exercise. As a couple, you can bond over your love of dogs and your sense of doing something for the community.

Volunteering at an animal shelter is a relaxing way to spend a few hours. There may be a class or two that you have to take before you’re allowed to interact with the dogs. Shelters are particularly wary of letting inexperienced people handle large dogs.

2. Go out to Eat

There are multiple restaurant chains that allow you to bring your dog. It’s possible that there are independent restaurants in your area that support dogs as well.

You’ll have to sit outside so pay attention to the weather. You also have to think about your dog. Not every dog can handle being in a crowd.

Is your dog shy? Nervous? Then you want might want to skip this date idea.

If your dog is generally well-behaved, however, going out to eat might be a fun experience. Most restaurants include a mini dog menu so your pet doesn’t have to sit there salivating while you eat.

The focus of the evening is still on you and your date. Your dog can hang out underneath the table while you guys chat and enjoy your meal.

Going out to eat is a dating staple. Adding your dog to the equation makes things more fun. There’s a chance your date has never included a pet in their romantic outings.

3. Go Hiking

You can take your dog to explore the great outdoors. Hiking is a fun date activity because you can match your exertion level to your desire.

If you want to go on a leisurely stroll, you can find a suitable hike. You can also find a good trail if you’d rather physically challenge yourself.

You have to think about your dog’s fitness level as well. Most dogs love bounding down the trail, but they aren’t all capable of it.

If you and your date both have friendly dogs, you can each take your pet with you. This could be a good way to bond. Having your dogs can take away some of the pressure you might be feeling.

You don’t have to worry about lulls in the conversation. The silence can be used to appreciate nature, or you can all out a command to your dog.

If you don’t live an area with good hiking trails, you can substitute a long walk in the park. It can be just as jun.

4. Go to the Dog Park

Going to the dog park could be the perfect date. You don’t have to spend any money and you get to hang out with your date in a non-threatening way. For entertainment, you can watch the dogs play.

A dog park is a good date idea even if only of you has a dog. Because the dog can play with other animals at the park, your hands won’t be full and you can concentrate on your date.

You probably won’t have a good time if the weather is ugly. Hanging out at the dog park while it’s cold outside is a very different experience. During the spring and summer months, however, it’s very pleasant to feel the cool air.

If your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs, skip the dog park and go to a regular park. You’ll have to keep the leash on but your dog will be happier.

5. Hang out at Home

You can have a dog date from the comfort of your home if you’d like. It’s especially easy to do so if you have a young puppy that you’re trying to train.

Your date can bring their dog to your home so both pets can play together. Or you can organize a fun dog training session. It can be satisfying just to play with your dog for a few hours.

If you decide to host your date at your home, you can make the event a bit feel a bit fancier by planning a meal. A charming picnic can make your date feel special.

If you’re an amazing cook, you can plan a more elaborate meal. You can even make extra for your dog. You can all consumer the meal on a blanket on the floor in the living room.

Another idea is to take the dogs for a walk around your neighborhood. Your date will be able to learn intimate details about your life.

Why Couples Love Dog Dates

Take a look at your pup’s sweet, happy face and you’ll understand why people love going on dog dates. Your dog adds an absolutely pure element to your encounter. Whatever happens, you know Fido isn’t going to say something silly or forget to ask an important question.

At DogDeep, we LOVE dogs. We understand that modern pet owners crave information. That’s why our site provides information that’s useful for anyone with a dog.

Read our blog if you want to train your dog to behave on your dates.


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