5 Perfect Date Ideas For Dog Lovers

Are you looking for date ideas you can take your dogs to play with and enjoy each other’s company, here are 5 perfect date ideas for dog lovers?

Pet dates are awesome! Many of us have had the chance to go on a date with our furry friends. We can’t imagine life without them, and pretty sure they feel the same way about us.

But did you know that we can have some great fun while doing so? Here are five fun date ideas for dog lovers, and you will not regret spending time with your pet. The best part of your pet date is that it should be something you both enjoy.

Date Ideas For Dog Lovers You Will Love

1. Have lunch at home

If you’re trying to save some money, but still want to do something special with your pup, then have lunch at home. You can pack a picnic basket or order from the local restaurant. Take some of your favorite treats and play fetch with your furry friend.

If you have a yard enjoy, this is the time to enjoy your yard with activities and a picnic outdoors.  You can invite other dog owners to come with their dogs to make it more fun.  Set up different games that you can all enjoy like Frisbee, tug-o-war, etc.

2. Go for a walk

This is a great opportunity to take your dog for a walk. You will be able to spend quality time together and bond as well.  If you live in a neighborhood where dogs are not allowed to walk, then go to a park or other public space that allows dogs to walk.

If you have a yard, enjoy it. Enjoy your yard and take your dog for a walk around the yard.

You can also take a walk at the dog park.  A dog park is a great place to spend time with your dog as it is an opportunity to socialize with other people and their dogs.  There are usually activities that you can engage in such as Frisbee, fetch, agility, etc.

You can also bring your favorite treats or toys.  You can also take your dog to a local dog-friendly restaurant to enjoy a meal.

What do you do on a date with a dog

3. Hike up the mountains or hills

Hiking is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog. If you live in an area with a lot of mountains, you can visit those too.  If you live in a city, then find an urban park that has a lot of hiking trails.

When you’re on a hike, you can talk to other people who are out enjoying the fresh air. You can get to know them and they might get to know your dog.

Remember to carry some treats and water for your dog as you hike. Hiking is good exercise for you and your dog as it gets those muscles to move and be loose.  You also get to enjoy the fresh air outdoors as you take up the challenge. It’s best to start with small hills or rock climbing and advance as your bodies adjust.

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4. Take your dog for a swim

Swimming is another great activity that will help you bond with your dog. Take her to the park and throw her in the water. If your dog has never been in the water before, it’s best to start small.

Start by putting her in the shallow end of the pool first.  If she does well, then try taking her to the deep end next.  After your dog is comfortable with the water, you can add some toys to the pool and play fetch in the water with her.

5. Make a movie night at home

On one of those lazy days when you feel tired but still want to do something with your dog, it’s best to catch your favorite movie. Dogs love to laze around too and will enjoy the movie with you.  You can choose to sit on the couch together and enjoy the movie as you pet your furry friend.

You will both enjoy each other’s company.  Remember to have a ton of snacks to munch on.

6. Play ball

This is a bonus date idea you can implement.  The ball is another great way to spend some quality time with your best friend.  You can play fetch with him and if you have a yard, you can play catch.

If it’s summertime, you can play soccer or basketball.  If you don’t have a yard, then play softball or baseball. The best part about the ball is that it’s fun for all ages.  If you’re old enough to play ball, you’re old enough to read this book.

In Conclusion – Date Ideas For Dog Lovers

Why go on dates with your dog? Now that you know some interesting date ideas for dog lovers, the importance of these dates is as critical.

Going out for dates with your dog strengthens your relationship making you good friends. It also allows you to time play and spend a good time together. Dogs love some good positive energy and will do anything to have that time with you.

Furry friends are as happy as humans when treated right.  Why not go ahead and treat yours right!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do on a date with a dog?

A date with your dog will strengthen your relationship and help you bond.  It will also create trust between you two which is much needed by dogs.  Indulge in activities that you both love and you'll both love it. 

Is a dog walk a good first date?

If you are going out with your dog, you should try and pick a day when you both can do some outdoor activities like walking, hiking, etc.   If your dog has anxiety or fear issues, you will need to work on them together.  You should start slow and build up the amount of time you spend together.

What can I make for a dog lover?

You can make a lot of treats for a dog lover.  Just remember that dog treats should be made with healthy ingredients and no artificial ingredients.  You can also make a dog bed for your dog's comfort and safety.

Do dogs like playdates?

Dogs love playdates.  If you have any friends who own dogs, you could ask if they would be willing to play with your dog.  You should take them for walks in your neighborhood and let them sniff everything around them.