Losing a pet can be devastating. Some people cope with the loss differently. For this 80-year-old grandma, she would keep sharing photos and videos on Facebook of her beloved departed pet, until her son and daughter-in-law decided it’s time she gets a new one.

Giving grandma a new baby

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Grandma Ann is a certified dog-lover. So, when she lost her beloved rat terrier, she can’t help but feel very sad. She’s been missing the pooch terribly that she won’t stop sharing the dog’s photos on social media.

Seeing that grandma Ann has been lonely for days, her son, Charlie, and daughter-in-law decided to get her a new one, hoping that a new baby would cheer her up. The couple owns a pug that grandma Ann adores so much, so they decided that a pug might be a breed she’d love to have.

The day to reveal the surprise came. Grandma Ann was sitting comfortably on her chair when the couple arrived. Charlie was carrying the pug puppy while his wife was recording the woman’s reaction on cam.

Grandma’s epic reaction

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They asked grandma Ann to cover her eyes, so she did. Charlie then handed her the puppy which Grandma Ann quickly pulled into her chest for a tight embrace. “This is mine?” asked grandma Ann, still disbelieving that she’s getting a new baby.

The old lady softly caressed the pug’s back and repeatedly kept saying “aww.” “What is this?” she asked. “It’s a pug,” her daughter-in-law said. She embraced the dog even more tightly into her chest, her eyes watering with pure tears of joy.

Grandma Ann can’t stop gushing over her new pet. She’s smitten over the puppy, and she’ll definitely make the best mom for it.

Watch grandma Ann’s priceless reaction in this video.

Thanks to Julie Cecil for sharing.



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