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After a long day at work, Roberta Ingham decided to relax outside of her Nashua, New Hampshire residence. What was supposed to be a moment of rest turned out to be a stressful encounter for the woman. Roberta said she suddenly heard a woman crying for help. When Roberta went out to investigate, she saw that a woman was trapped in a sewer with her pooch.

The unnamed woman continued to cry for help, and when Roberta heard her plea, she got relieved. When Roberta listened to the noise and confirmed what it was about, she immediately flagged the nearby police station. The police then arrived at the site to hold a rescue operation for the woman and her pooch.

It was a successful rescue operation, but the woman and her pooch seemed traumatized with what happened. According to a report filed by the dog’s owner, she mentioned that the pooch escaped from their residence. The dog then stormed into a narrow culvert nearby. The next thing that happened was that the pooch found himself inside the sewer.

Since the woman panicked, she tried to save the pooch, but also fell on the sewer. The police mentioned that the gutter was about 150 feet, so it was a delicate rescue operation.

But even then, members of the Nashua Fire Rescue were more than willing to help. The volunteers readied all the materials they needed and began their rescue operations. Although the woman and her dog got trapped, they were hopeful that they will get assistance and will soon be freed.

True enough, the firefighters were successfully able to rescue the poor dog and his mom. They then immediately brought the two to a nearby hospital for stress debriefing. Apart from this, the police sent a stern warning to the woman to be careful.

Credits to Paw Pail.


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