Ana, an 86-year-old woman, died last Friday night. Everyone knew she was bubbly and in good health. That is why her sudden death came as a shock to the entire family. She has a lovely dog named Deta that she found five years ago on the street.

She takes care of her every day and Deta became a family member. Both the lady and the dog enjoyed going outside and taking a short walk in a nearby park. Deta sleeps next to the woman at all times too. Every day was a happy time for them.

The dog missed her owner

Everyone in the family missed their mother. Deta missed her too. She has stood and laid down under the lady’s coffin since the first day. The family was aware of the bond that existed between the dog and their mother.

Deta is now in the custody of Theresa, the lady’s daughter. Deta is a very friendly and intelligent dog, so looking after her was not difficult for them. Theresa’s son loves Deta too.

When they were in the cemetery

In New York City, Theresa and her family paid a visit to their mother’s grave. They even brought Deta with them.

When they arrived, the dog refuses to leave the elderly lady’s grave. The dog returned to the car just as they were about to leave but then ran back to the woman’s grave.

The husband wanted to record it. Theresa’s eyes welled up and tears streamed down her cheeks. She sat down for a moment and hugged the dog. The dog missed her best friend while Theresa recalled a joyful bonding with her mother as well.

They showed the video to the entire family, and they could feel the dog’s sadness and love for their mother. Anyone who sees it will be inspired. That’s why they decided to upload it and post it on social media then.

Source Air.TV via Facebook for the image


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