A dog named Stanley was born with a mohawk, and even after many years, the canine is still keeping his signature look.

The mohawk first became noticeable when the dog reached the age of 3 weeks, but then it disappeared and was totally gone when he was two months old.

The pooch’s family thought that the mohawk had vanished permanently, but then, to the owners’ surprise, the mohawk appeared again after some time and never left again.

Stanley is all grown up now, and the mohawk is not only going strong, it has also become quite popular among dog lovers all across the globe. The dog’s owners have made a special Instagram account for the pooch, where they keep on posting Stanley’s pictures. The dog can be seen rocking his mohawk in all his pictures on his social media page.

The canine’s pictures have constantly attracted the attention of the Instagram community, and it can be said now that the dog’s unique hair has gained him celebrity level fame. The adorable pooch also seems to be quite proud of his unique hairstyle and loves to flaunt the mohawk on his popular Instagram account.

Some people think that the Mohawk is not natural and has actually been styled, but it is totally natural.

The dog’s pictures in the swimming pool show that even water can’t get the mohawk down. And why would anyone want to get the mohawk down anyway? The family loves Stanley the way he is.

The family says that Stanley’s mohawk looks gorgeous on him, and they would never want to change anything about their pooch. After all, it is the natural mohawk that makes the pooch unique and has won him countless fans and followers on social media.

Keep rocking that mohawk Stanley!

Image source: stanleythegoldenfluff via Instagram


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