A story of a paralyzed pup’s recovery journey spread all over the internet and gets people emotional. The dog’s story was posted on Twitter and it went viral.

The poor pup was hit by a car and has been paralyzed since then. The footage which lasted for 3 minutes showed how the dog struggled to understand why he can’t stand on his feet.

The Animal Aid Unlimited team was tried to get hold of him, but he kept on resisting, so, the group tried their best to earn the dog’s trust. He looked terrified, and the poor pup kept trying to escape. He even wanted to hide from the man who was trying to rescue him.

They rescuers tried again and again until they successfully secured the pup. They took him to a clinic to get medical assistance.

According to the team of rescuers, when they first saw the dog’s state, they thought that it’s possible that the poor creature will totally lose its ability to walk again.

When they brought him back to the Animal Aid Unlimited, his back legs were really paralyzed. However, they still hoped that something good would happen.

The group decided to name the pup, Georgie. He underwent physical therapy to help him heal faster. The therapy sessions seemed to work because the dog can stand again.

Georgie’s treatment process took months, but everything was worth the wait. Today, he can already walk and run without assistance.

The video received almost 75 thousand likes and 21 thousand retweets and over a million views! Here are some of the netizen’s reactions:

A lot of netizens are tearing up upon seeing the video. They also kept on commenting on how Georgie’s story was so beautiful. It was inspiring, and everyone is pleased and grateful that kind people helped the pup walk again.

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing Georgie’s incredible journey.


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