As a dog owner, I can never stress the importance enough of having our dogs microchipped. It’s expensive, but it will surely save you a lot of heartache in case your dog decides to go for a walk on its own by escaping your yard and eventually getting lost.

There’s been a lot of occasions that families weren’t able to find their beloved dogs that got lost just because they didn’t have them microchipped. The Hannon family from Gaffney, South Carolina, knows first-hand how important it is for dogs to have a microchip and keep the information stored in it updated regularly.

Police Officer Jennifer Watson of the Spartanburg Police Department spotted a dog while driving through a park. The dog was eating something from a trash bag, and Officer Watson decided to approach the dog. To Officer Watson’s surprise, the dog didn’t seem afraid. The dog walked right up to Officer Watson and rolled over and showed her belly.

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Officer Watson took the dog to the local animal control, where the dog was scanned for a microchip. Sure enough, a chip was found, which contained information about the dog. The dog’s name is Maria, and it belonged to the Hannah family. It also included phone numbers and the family’s home address.

When authorities called the Hannah family, they learned that Maria had been missing for eight months. The family was also emotional, thrilled, and excited to know that their beloved dog was found and is now in safe hands. Officer Watson decided to return Maria to her family.

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Officer Watson also took a video of the emotional reunion. Everyone in the family was extremely happy to have their beloved dog back. The family was also very emotional during the reunion. Everyone was crying and in shock. The family couldn’t believe that Maria’s finally home and they couldn’t have asked for a better day.

When the Spartanburg Police Department posted the reunion video, it went viral. Officer Watson also took this opportunity to tell people how important it is to have their dogs microchipped. Here’s a video showing the emotional reunion between Maria and her family after being separated for eight months.

Video Source WYFF News 4 via YouTube


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