Last July, Todd, a golden retriever saved his owner, Paula Godwin, from being bitten by a rattlesnake. This heroic act earned Todd the very first “Milk-Bone Dog of the Year” award held during the 8th Annual Streamy Awards.

It was the first time that award-giving body to hand out an award to honor the best online video in the category of dogs. In particular, Todd was given the “Internet’s Favorite Animal.” This was also because of the dog’s viral video which trended worldwide particularly to the dog lovers.

Drew Baldwin, the creator of Streamy Awards mentioned, “Dogs are a man’s best friend. Life is more cheerful with them. They often transform lives and become an inspiration to many.  This is why we honor the service that they give to us.”

For this year, there were a lot of entries for the category of the said award, but it was Todd who reigned supreme as the first ever winner. He bested other contenders because it was his act of heroism when he bravely stepped in between a rattlesnake and his owner. He was willing to die for the sake of saving Paula.

Paula and Todd were on a hike on a fine day when a rattlesnake suddenly appeared and was ready to attack Paula. Todd acted immediately and went in between the two.

Todd had to endure medical treatments because of the snake bite but was happy to save his owner. His story of heroism instantly went viral.

The winner for the award was determined through online voting, and as the winner, Todd received a personalized piece of artwork from Streamy Awards and of course a trophy.

Todd’s heroism first appeared on the Facebook page of his owner, Paula. There she narrated the scary tale of what happened that day. She emphasized how brave Todd jumped over in front of her legs where the snake would have bitten her. She also asked for everyone to pray for healing for Todd.

Todd, the hero, was treated in a vet hospital for almost 12 hours. Fortunately, a quick medical treatment and anti-venom were immediately given to the dog that saved his life.

Paula expressed, “We feel so ecstatic receiving this very first Milk-Bone award for my hero of a pup Todd. This will be a reminder of his bravery. We are also hoping to start a fundraiser to help other pets, most especially those who cannot afford to pay for an anti-venom”.

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