One of the most loyal companions a man can ever have is a dog. There were many stories about dog’s faithfulness to the owners but this story is another truly heart-warming one. The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend was true for this faithful golden retriever who refused to leave its pet-owner who suddenly passed out.

The woman suddenly fainted while walking her dog in Heilongjiang city of Daqing  in Northeast China. Passers-by who witnessed the situation alerted emergency services immediately after the lady collapsed.

The dog circled around the Chinese lady as people watched and waited for help. The paramedics arrived and saw the dog guarding the woman. They saw the dog’s persistence as it hopped on to the stretcher and inside the ambulance several times before he made it to the vehicle.

The dog also followed its pet-owner inside the ambulance as the golden retriever would not allow the ambulance to leave without it. The hospital staff also allowed the dog to wait outside the treatment room while doctors examined the Chinese lady who fainted. Normally, animals are not allowed inside the ambulance or care facilities but the paramedics and doctors saw the persistence of this golden retriever and decided to make an exception.

It was also reported that after treatment, the lady immediately looked for her dog and was glad that the dog was right outside waiting for her. When the two saw each other, they immediately embraced and held on to each other. The nurses and doctors saw this heartfelt scene, and they thought that they made the right decision to let the dog stay.

The woman later told doctors that she had been drinking the night before she took her dog out for a walk. Below is the heart-warming and endearing story of the pet-owner and her faithful friend.

Source: Viral Paws Via Youtube


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