Cupcake, a Shih Tzu, is Instagram-famous with 879,000 followers. Would you believe that this popular creature was once a malnourished pup who was supposed to be euthanized at an animal shelter?

A day before she was scheduled for euthanasia, a kind-hearted human decided to adopt her as a pet. Now, Cupcake lives in San Diego, California with her human.

Her posts are full of colors, and it’s no surprise why her followers are called “Sprinkles.” Once you visit her Instagram page, you will understand why.

Cupcake wants to inspire people to see colors in everyone’s lives. Who won’t be inspired seeing this adorable pup riding a hot pink, Mercedes-encrusted Swarovski? Her ride is named Frosting. How cute is that?

This cute pup weighed 6 lbs. when she was rescued. Her hair was all matted too, so her new family had to cut everything off. Now, she’s living a normal, happy and colorful life. So, colorful that in fact, she has a tail with lovely colors: pink, blue, red, green, orange and purple. Cool right?

Sprinkles get inspired with all the colors (and unicorns) on Cupcake’s Instagram posts. They also feel touched with her thoughts of the day which include things like: “Life is Precious,” “The world can be cruel, but you can always be happy and thankful with your life.”

Here are some of her fabulous posts:

Cupcake wants to spread love and “sprinkles”, especially to her followers. She wants everyone to keep a smile on their faces. She also wishes to see more people who can show kindness and compassion to help and save those who are in need.

Hopefully, more people will get inspired about Cupcake’s story. According to Cupcake’s Chronicle’s creator, Suzanne Felando Mattson, they will soon release an animation series with the help of Quinces Entertainment. The animation entitled “The Tails of Cupcake’s Chronicles” will be overloaded with cuteness so watch out for it.

Credits to Cupcake’s Chronicles for these lovely photos.


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