Payden Trujillo was traversing a snowy road one night when an animal darted in front of her vehicle. Fortunately, she managed to hit on the brakes immediately and did not hit the creature.

Upon closer inspection, Payden saw that the animal was a female dog. Not knowing if she lost her way or was deliberately thrown out on the street, Payden coaxed the mutt into coming with her using a few treats.

She then brought the dog to her family’s house so they could be away from the cold. Payden brightened up when she saw a tag hanging from the canine’s collar; now she could contact the mutt’s owners to tell them where their pet was.

She and her sister Mercedes found something completely unexpected, however. Printed on the tag were the dog’s name, Lilly, and an appeal to anyone who comes across her.

Lilly’s previous owners could not look after the mutt anymore, so they wanted the person who rescued her to have her for good.

Mercedes was in disbelief after reading the message. The dog’s owners had their choice of a no-kill shelter to which they could have sent Lilly, but they chose instead to leave her on the side of the road, exposed to the cold.

The canine had evidently been outdoors for quite some time as she was suffering from frostbite on her feet when Payden found her. Lilly was also rather thin, and it seemed that she hasn’t even been house-trained.

Mercedes adopted Lilly, but their first year together was not smooth sailing. Lilly improved physically, but the rejection she experienced from her previous owners made it difficult for her to place her trust in humans entirely.

The dog had a case of separation anxiety so terrible that she would wreck furniture and other objects whenever Mercedes left her alone. This behavior posed a significant challenge for Mercedes, who didn’t have a permanent home and was living with friends.

Fortunately, when Mercedes moved into her campus, the administrators allowed her to keep Lilly. Eventually, the mutt learned to be less scared of being on her own. She had another problem, though; the dog was afraid of men and reacted aggressively to them.

To help socialize Lilly, Mercedes got special permission to bring her pet with her to class so she could get used to being around human males.

Today, Lilly is almost unrecognizable. The once fearful, aggressive, and destructive dog is now one of the most well-mannered pets anyone could hope to have.

She takes great pleasure in going on outdoor adventures with Mercedes and her furry sibling, a German Shepherd named Talut von Snoot.

Watch Lilly enjoy the snow here:

Source: floofylooly on Instagram


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