A pit bull who merely wanted to flee a horrible situation got shot in the face just after he finally escaped. Three years later, the pit bull has recovered from his ordeal. He’s also bringing smiles to people’s faces with his viral Taco Tuesday videos.

In 2016, the Great Plains Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) rescued a pit bull named Lucky, who was two years old at the time. With him was another dog called Buddy.

The two canines had been trapped in a house in Lake Lotawana. Nobody knows how much time they spent there, but the floors were already covered in excrement when the dogs managed to free themselves.

Lucky and Buddy also tore through several doors with their teeth, trying to find a way out. Finally, they were able to flee through a broken window.

Unfortunately, when the dogs ran to a nearby property, the owner shot at them. Bullets hit Lucky in the face and body, while Buddy was unscathed. The pit bull ended up with a wounded muzzle and a fractured leg.

However, the canine truly lives up to his name. Shortly after the SPCA took Lucky in, the Rudman family from Lee’s Summit expressed an interest in adopting him.

Since then, Lucky has been living the life he has always deserved. The pit bull loves splashing in the water and playing with his family, which includes nine canine brothers and sisters.

Lucky’s story also gained him social media fame, and he currently has more than 29,000 followers on Instagram alone. Besides his inspiring recovery, Lucky is famous for his Taco Tuesday videos.

For some reason, people love watching the pit bull scarf down his favorite tacos. His fur mom Gina is all for it, though, and she makes sure there’s a new upload every week.

More than making animal lovers smile, though, Lucky’s transformation inspires them to adopt. Gina gets tons of messages from Lucky’s supporters who say that his story helped them realize the beauty of making a difference in a shelter dog’s life.

The fur mom shares that when she rescued the pit bull, all she wanted was to make his life far better than his previous one. She has undoubtedly achieved that and much more. Watch Lucky with his loving family in the video below:

Source: Lucky The Pitbull on YouTube and lucky.the.pitbull on Instagram


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