We all know how territorial dogs can get. They turn their “beast” mode on and act aggressively towards the cause of the threat. After all, who would want to have their spot taken away from them, right?

As such, it’s completely understandable to find a pure white Husky named Nala throwing a fit when someone occupied her spot.

Please, get out of my place.

In this particular video, one can see how Nala starts barking furiously. Though it’s not yet clear what caused the pooch to act this way, the pure white Husky continued throwing a fit at her Dad.

Dad tries to appease the angry pooch, but it seems nothing can convince Nala to let him off the hook. Nala also shrugged off Dad’s hand when he attempted to calm her down.

It turns out, the couch that Dad’s currently lying on is Nala’s spot. And since it’s her special spot, Nala’s the only “person” allowed to occupy it, no one else.

I want my couch back, Dad!

The stand-off between Nala and Dad continued for quite some time, both refusing to yield to the other.

Since Nala’s first attempt at displacing Dad failed, she needs to come up with a new and more effective strategy to achieve her goal.

The furious dog then started jumping on Dad, pairing it with low and rumbling growls. It’s pretty apparent how desperate Nala is to reclaim her spot, but Dad’s too stubborn an opponent for her.

Dad, please!

Despite going against a stubborn opponent, Nala continued to give it her all in this battle.

Since showing off her aggressive side did not work, Nala quickly devised a new strategy. Instead of barking, the pooch made use of her physical strength instead. She started shoving Dad and even attempted to yank the blanket off him.

But, do you think Nala’s final attempt did the trick? If you’re still speculating with the outcome, then don’t hesitate and watch the video clip below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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