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Those who love dogs wish that they can play forever with their dogs. It’s always fun to spend time with dogs.

It’s often difficult to get a dog’s attention especially if the dog is around his favorite people. But in this video, you would want to be the little boy as he gets swarmed over by Pomeranian puppies who are all sooooo adorable.

Watch the video and you would see that there is a little boy. He is sitting right on the floor. He has four cute Pomeranian puppies around him. You would think nothing would happen but you should continue watching.

The puppies just are too happy to be around the little boy. They are so excited. Perhaps they know that this little human is someone that they can play with. Soon, the Pomeranian puppies start to jump around their human sibling.

The dogs don’t seem to run out of energy. They continue to jump up and down. The little boy seems to be infected with the puppies’ excitement that he wants to join in on the fun. He opens his arms and the puppies see this as an invitation to come closer.

Well, it surely is an invitation and the puppies come running to get right to the little boy. The little boy is soon getting a swarm of cute Pomeranian puppies and getting a lot of sweet kisses from the adorable four-legged siblings.

While during the first few seconds the puppies are just happy to do jump up and down and do the same thing all together, they now think of changing their routine. They all change their acts. One continues to jump. Another one sniffs the sneakers the little boy is wearing. There’s one that’s licking his face. One takes a quick rest.

And our little boy is just so happy to be surrounded by adorable furry creatures.

Source: Viral Paws


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