Have you ever got curious about what your pet dog might be thinking of? It would be fantastic to know exactly what dogs want to say, right? Good thing, an adorable pooch decided to let people know what dogs really want to tell people.

It turns out that dogs also get frustrated when people don’t understand them. This is probably why this particular dog decided to become an official representative of all the dogs out there.

If you browse the internet every day, you probably already saw this black and tan pooch. This dog became the talk of the town because he is holding out signs which dogs like him probably want to say to their hoomans.

This adorable dog puts up hilarious signs such as “Stop blaming your farts on me.” Here are a few photos of this funny pooch.

This dog’s “real talk” signs are written on a piece of cardboard. The cute pooch holds it up by biting the string, which serves as the sign’s handle. Imagine seeing this creature strutting in public and holding out these signs.

Anyone will have a good laugh for sure. Dog owners (and dogs, of course) will relate to each post. Here are more of this adorable pup’s protest signs:

As of this writing, this dog’s Instagram account has over 29,000 followers. Individual posts have also gotten thousands of likes and positive comments. This dog’s followers definitely love this beautiful creature.

Hopefully, this charming pooch continue to post more photos of his “dog awareness” protests. This way, more people, especially dog owners, will learn more about dogs.

Aside from this, more dogs might step up and join the “protests”. Who knows? He might be able to convince a few furry friends to start a trend about raising awareness for dogs.

Thank you to dogswithsign for sharing these precious photos.


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