Raelynn Nast was devastated when her father, who suffered from colon cancer, passed away. According to her mom, Lacey, she was a daddy’s girl that loves his dad so much and was so proud of him. The six-year-old girl from Fort Smith, Arkansas, would always introduce her father, Davey, to everyone that she met.

And on the day of his wake, Raelynn had one final chance to do it again.

Hugging Blue

Emily Beineman was out jogging with her dog, Blue, when they happened to pass by a funeral parlor. When they were a few feet from the entrance, she suddenly heard a small voice call out to them. It was a little girl asking if she could pet her puppy.

Emily, who didn’t have any idea of the circumstances around the girl, agreed. She said that as long as her parents didn’t mind, she can play with the dog. That’s when Raelynn informed her that his dad was inside, lying in a casket.

While hugging Blue, she suddenly asked Emily if she wanted to go inside and meet her dad. This stunned Emily for a moment.

She was a bit apprehensive because she didn’t know the family. Plus, she wasn’t appropriately dressed for a funeral. But then she realized that this might be the last time this girl would ever introduce his dad to someone. So Emily agreed.

She followed Raelynn inside as they entered a room and walked down the aisle together. Everyone looked at them and was surprised. No one knew Emily, but it seemed that she and the little girl were very close.

Felt better

Later, Raelynn’s mom asked her why she invited Emily and her dog inside. And she had a very simple yet heartwarming answer. The little girl said it was because the dog and the woman made her feel better.

After the funeral, Emily brought Blue to play with Raelynn again. They both promised to be friends forever.

Although no one can replace her dad, her new friendship with a kind woman and an adorable dog would help her get along.

Source: CBS Evening News via Youtube


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