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In the peaceful Cornwall county of South West England, lies a seal sanctuary named Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Because of its sandy coasts, most of the seal pups that were either injured or had lost their moms can be found here. This charity rehabilitates rescued seals and provides permanent shelter to animals that need special attention.

Dog parent, Melanie Talbot, is determined to give her 2-year-old dachshund pup Stanley a one of a kind holiday. She decided to bring him to this seal sanctuary where he could meet and greet other animal species. And that that’s how the story of An Extraordinary Friendship Of A Dachshund And A Seal While On A Holiday began.

Posted by Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL) on Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Aayla is a rescued seal pup who has lived in the seal sanctuary for quite some time. Mostly, the facility always has unusual dog visitors. That is why they came up with the “DOG OF THE WEEK” gimmick. This stunt twice highlighted the incredible friendship of Aayla and Stanley online.

Stanley and Aayla’s first encounter was a heart-warming scene. The seal swam up to the cute little dachshund who was intently peeking outside the aquarium. And they had been inseparable for almost 20 minutes. Visitors who saw them were really fascinated with the unusual act of friendship and took photos of them.

Posted by Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL) on Friday, February 14, 2020


The pair honestly looked impressive in their pictures. Some of the people posted on the Facebook page of the sanctuary their cute photos together. The administrators’ attention was caught and declared Stanley as their Dog of the Week.

At first, Melanie said that maybe Aayla mistakenly thought that Stanley was a small seal because of his outfit. Nevertheless, the post garnered a massive flood of comments online from the duo’s admirers. And yes, even a seal can befriend a dog!

Source: Cornish Seal Sanctuary via Facebook


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