American Rat Terrier Puggat – Awesome Facts Revealed

American Rat Terrier Puggat

American Rat Terrier Puggat The puggat is a cross between the Pug and the American Rat Terrier dog breeds. The puggat is unquestionably affectionate, people-friendly, and easily trainable. So, it makes for a good companion pet. Rugrat is a popular nickname for this unusual crossbreed developed in the United States.  Background History Of American Rat … Read more

Swollen Ear Lobes In Dogs: Mind Blowing Facts Revealed!

Swollen Ear Lobes In Dogs

Finding a swelling on your dog’s ear has to be one of the most unpleasing things any pet owner would have to discover. The pain can be alarming and excruciating for the dog. Swollen ear lobes in dogs can be caused by Ear Hematoma or aural hematoma, as well as ear mite infestation. An aural hematoma … Read more

Tartar Remover For Dogs: 2 Brilliant Techniques Revealed!

Tartar Remover For Dogs

Tartar accumulation can be avoided to a large extent if you and your canine or feline companion establish and maintain regular teeth cleaning routine. The accumulation can be removed at home using different tartar remover for dogs, although this will depend on how severe it is. In most cases, Tartar buildup will need to be … Read more

How Long Till Puppies Open Their Eyes?: Amazing Facts Exposed!

How Long Till Puppies Open Their Eyes

Anyone who has ever adopted a puppy would concur that they can be a challenge to raise since they have endless energy and are always on the go. However, newborn pups are entirely different. Neonate pups depend on their mother because they are unable to see, hear, or walk. Instead, they use their sense of … Read more

What Does A Feist Dog Look Like?: Facts Revealed!

What Does A Feist Dog Look Like

A feist dog, sometimes called feist for short, is a small hunting dog. A Feist dog is said to be bred from crosses between English white terriers and American Indian dogs but this is just one of the many speculations about their origin. You must have been asked, “what does a feist dog look like?” … Read more