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As pet owners, our dog’s emotional well-being matters to us as much as their physical health.  However, dogs who have emotional problems, anxiety, in particular, are not at all uncommon. A dog’s anxiety could happen for no apparent reason at all, and here are some signs that you should watch out for:

• Aggression
• Depression
• Excessive drooling and/or panting
• Excessive barking
• Peeing or pooping in non-designated areas
• Excessive yawning
• Destructive behavior
• Detached; spends time hiding
• Uneasy: consistently shaking and pacing
• Repetitive actions

Anxiety among dogs could be triggered by fear or separation. Loud noises, strangers and some visual stimuli may cause anxiety based on fear. The same could also happen in specific situations, like car rides.

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On the other hand, age-related anxiety, which affects old dogs, are usually caused by cognitive dysfunction syndrome, commonly known as CDS. It affects the dog’s senses and brain functions, which eventually causes the affected dog to be fearful and apprehensive.

Fear and anxiety among dogs, more or less, operate the same way they do with humans.  The causes of fear and anxiety are usually far from logical. Fear may be emotional, but it’s powerful even on its own. This is also the very reason why separation anxiety affects a significant population of dogs.

Dogs having separation anxiety issues usually develop behavioral problems when left alone. Anxiety often causes them to urinate and defecate in non-designated areas. Some dogs resort to destructive behavior, while some bark excessively. And the sad thing is, about 15% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

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How to treat dog anxiety

Knowing the primary cause behind a dog’s anxiety is the first step to treating it. Treatment differs as it depends on the leading cause. If you suspect your dog having separation anxiety, reach out to your trusted vet and/or professional dog trainer.


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