Sometimes we can’t help but wonder, how many lives have our dogs saved by using their sixth sense? If you have no idea what we are talking about, we are referring to that extra sense that our dogs use to detect if someone is in danger. They’ve saved countless lives because of this, and we are just grateful that our furry friends have it.

One of those who have benefited from this special skill is Marcia Allen. This woman was out in her backyard one fateful day when she suffered a stroke. She was living alone, and nobody was around to help her. She tried to get up, but she didn’t have the energy to do so, and when she tried to call for help, she simply couldn’t.

She explained that the left side of her face was drooped, and she just felt so helpless. Luckily for her, Mack, her neighbor’s black Labrador, headed out to their own backyard to do his business. When the pooch was already outside, he saw Marcia and immediately knew that she was in trouble.

As any good doggo would, Mack kept on barking non-stop in order to get people’s attention. Dave Scott, Mack’s owner, heard his pup’s relentless barking and stepped outside to investigate. Dave explained that Mack is usually a shy and quiet dog, and for him to make that much noise was very unusual.

Because of Mack’s barking, Dave saw his neighbor Marcia, lying in her backyard. Dave understood right away what his dog was trying to tell him, so he called for emergency services. When the paramedics came, they were able to revive Marcia, and she was going to be fine.

Marcia tells everyone that Mack basically saved her life. If it wasn’t for the dog’s perfect timing, and ability to sense when someone is in trouble, she may not have survived the ordeal. Because of what transpired, Marcia developed a close relationship with the dog and treated him as if he was her own pup.

Credits: Inside Edition


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