Norman was a rescue dog. Her human, Anette McDonald, met him in an animal shelter two days before he was scheduled to be put down. From the very first time Anette laid her eyes on the dog, she knew that she would take him home.

Norman and Anette quickly bonded. But the latter soon realized something was wrong with the dog. He kept bumping against house furniture and what-not.

Anette took Norman to the vet. The diagnosis was that the dog had retinal atrophy and was going blind. Within months, Norman lost his sight completely.

Despite losing his eyesight, Norman did not lose his zest for life. He was still the happy dog Anette had met at the shelter. Soon Anette would find out that her pet is nothing less than special.

The rescue dog becomes a rescuer himself. Watch this video to see what this story is about.

Near the McDonald household, there’s a river that’s directly connected to the ocean. Anette regularly visits this area with Norman. So do the siblings Lisa and John.

One day in 1996, Lisa and John went to the river for a swim. Both were competent swimmers. But the river was not to be trusted.

The river quickly shifted from low to high tide, and the current became too strong. While John was able to swim back to shore, Lisa was left fighting against the current. Luckily for them, Anette and Norman had also decided to visit the area that day.

Norman heard Lisa’s cry for help. Without thinking twice, the blind dog swam into the river to rescue the girl. Norman helped Lisa paddle back to safety.

Anette was beaming with pride for her dog’s courageous act. Meanwhile, Lisa and John could not thank Norman enough. The rescue dog paid it forward.

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