Siberian huskies are very vocal dogs. Meet Blu, a particularly expressive husky who defiantly destroys his bed and then gives his owner an earful when he is lectured about it.

Blu, who has the typical husky ice-blue eyes and sharp ears, looks quite intimidating. Huskies can also produce an eerie sounding howl. Blu’s owner has two Siberian huskies, Blu and his sister Luna. They are both incredibly loud.

In this particular video, Blu was left at home alone, and didn’t like it. He retaliated by destroying his lovely bed. He tore it into hundreds of pieces and strewn the tufts of bedding all over the room. He made his point very clear:  he was outraged his owner left him all alone.

His owner arrives back home to a huge mess. She captured the scolding on video, and it went viral. Blu is a loudmouth who is constantly talking over his owner, so she made sure to document it. Check out the hilarious video below:

In the video, Blu’s owner is desperately trying to tell the husky his behavior is unacceptable. Blu refuses to listen and howls loudly over her voice. She keeps addressing him by name and asking him to stop talking over her. When she asks what happened to his bed, he shoots her an angry look and keeps howling.

Blu’s mom tells him he’s been bad and she doesn’t want to have to put him in his crate. She doesn’t understand his behavior since he went for a run that day and a hike on a trail. But Blu still thinks he deserves to throw a tantrum. Too funny!

Blu is so famous for getting into trouble and throwing tantrums, that his owner decided to create his own YouTube channel. There are several hilarious videos of the husky doing what he does best: complaining!

Credits: Husky Named Blu Channel YouTube


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