Like any other couple, Matthew and Nambok Howard wanted their wedding to be perfect. They were hands-on in planning it — from the layout, entourage, food, and to the guests.

Since both of them are also animal lovers, the couple wanted to make their big day extra special by including their pets in the entourage. They have four rescued bulldogs named Indy, Diesel, Ruby, and Hank.

They assigned all four pups to be their best man, and Diesel being the “bestest” among them. He is the leader of the pack and loves getting attention from everyone, so the couple knew that the dog would do great with his role.

Although there is a slight risk of Diesel doing something crazy, they still let him do his thing. “He is a show-stopper! Diesel will do everything to get everyone’s attention, and that made us a bit nervous but excited too,” said Matthew.

Finally, the wedding — everyone was dressed in their best, including their furry four-legged entourage. The dogs were sporting their cute bandanas and ribbons and were in their best behavior.

Unfortunately for Diesel, he can’t keep his good boy manners for too long. The couple noticed a problem as soon as Nambok arrived at the venue in the bridal car.

“Diesel started getting giddy when he saw my wife in the car. He thought we would be getting a ride. Good thing we were able to stop him,” the groom narrated.

Of course, the bulldog didn’t stop there. Diesel thought it would be a great idea to join his parents at the altar while they were exchanging vows.

The people were giggling and found it cute when Diesel approached the couple — until he started sniffing Nambok’s leg! And just like that, Diesel was already peeing next to the bride’s foot.

“Luckily, he wasn’t able to pee on Nambok’s foot since he was a few centimeters off. After doing his thing, Diesel kicked some leaves over his pee and left. What a crazy pup!” Matthew chuckled.

The newlyweds are enjoying their togetherness with their cheeky dogs! And apparently, Diesel isn’t the only pup with this crazy antics! Watch the video below featuring another puppy peeing on a bride!

Video credit: Youtube Jageeeeeeeer


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