Dogs are one of the most vocal creatures on this planet. No matter what idea our canine pals come up with, they make sure to communicate it with their fur parents.

Thus, one talkative Husky uses adorable gestures so that fur dad knows it wants to go out for a stroll. Though Dad doesn’t initially understand what the dog says, the pup makes up for it with clear actions to convey its message.

What do you want from me, bud?

In this fun and fantastic footage, a grey-furred Husky stands beside its fur dad in their dining area. At first, you’ll think the dog’s merely asking for Dad to give him a delicious meal.

Yet, it isn’t the case as the funny Husky stares at Dad like it has an idea in its mind. The pup even takes a seat beside Dad before resuming with its staring spree.

Seeing the Husky’s peculiar behavior, Dad asks the canine what it wants from him. But, when the dog remains silent, Dad continues egging the pooch to speak as he can’t understand what the dog’s trying to say to him.

Okay, so this is what I want, Dad.

As the video progressed, the Husky continues remaining silent despite Dad’s persistent pleas. Thus, Dad decides to start whistling while waiting for the dog’s response.

Soon enough, the hesitant canine starts whining. At some point, the dog even places its paw on Dad’s arm to gain his attention.

With this development, Dad finally gives his full attention and asks the canine what it needs from him. After a few more repetitions of the question, the dog finally nudges and places both of its paws on Dad’s arms before pointing its nose towards the door.

Do you think Dad finally got the message the chatty Husky’s trying to tell him? Continue watching the adorable pair’s conversation below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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