Bailey Clement wanted to foster a dog, so she decided to pick up an adorable Chocolate Labrador named Charlie Brown. Charlie’s life started when he was rescued from a puppy mill, and he has luckily never looked back ever since.

Bailey shared that Charlie used to be a shy dog who could not even wag his tail. Charlie also lays on the ground like a flat pancake whenever she takes him out for a walk because he was terrified of everything.

Lab Rescued From Puppy Mill Does The Cutest Thing For Every Meal

Lab rescued from a puppy mill loves his food — wait to see what he does before dinner! 😂

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, July 2, 2020


Bailey and her family spent over a month with Charlie and gave him all the love and care he needed. Bailey ended up adopting Charlie, and she shared that Charlie now lives his life as a bouncy dog who could not stop shaking his bum whenever he is happy or excited.

Bailey shared that their five-year-old dog has been in their family for three months. Bailey happily said that Charlie transformed into a completely different pup.

Bailey said that Charlie always gets excited whenever it is time to eat. Bailey recalled that she noticed Charlie showing an adorable quirk whenever she prepares his food.

Bailey shared that Charlie always stomps and wags his nonstop whenever she asks him if she is excited to eat his food. Bailey said that Charlie ends up drooling whenever he sees that his meals are almost ready.

Bailey shared that Charlie cannot stop drooling and making a mess whenever it is mealtime. Bailey recalled that Charlie would automatically lie down as soon as he is done eating his meals.

Bailey admitted how adorable Charlie is because he could not stop drooling and showing just how much he loves his food. Bailey shared that adopting Charlie was the best decision she made because he makes her days brighter than the last.

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