Cops Feed Stray Dogs As The Pandemic Causes Lockdown – A Beautiful Story

Do you ever think of stray dogs in your day-to-day life?  This story of a cop feeding stray dogs as the pandemic causes lockdown will make you reconsider the strays that have no one to take care of them.

A story of a police officer in India went viral recently featuring him feeding stray dogs near Vellayani.

The covid 19 pandemic opened many opportunities for people to become more human and share whatever little they had even amid tough times. In this article, we will feature two stories of people who volunteered to feed the most forgotten species – stray animals.

Many cops feed stray dogs as the pandemic causes lockdown and that is a beautiful story!

Cops Feed Stray Dogs As The Pandemic Causes Lockdown

What can you give a street dog

Mr Subramaniyan Potty S.

Mr. Subramanian, a native of Nedumangad, met some stray dogs at least two months before starting to feed during a night patrol.  “It was around 2.30 am when we reached the lakeside and two very skinny dogs came towards me. Their plight depressed me and from the next day, I started feeding them.” He says.

This police officer from the Nemom Police station became a savior to the stray dogs after covid 19 pandemic hit. During this time, the city’s stray animals were going hungry as the lockdown saw many hotels, restaurants, and roadside eateries limit their services substantially. Food waste from these places was the primary source of food for most of the stray animals in the city.

This is what encouraged Mr. Potty to feed these animals and save them from untimely death. Even during his busy days, this sub-inspector never failed to visit and feed their friends near the Vellayani lake.  The senior officer also makes sure he leaves the place clean after the dogs have had a hearty meal to ensure they keep the environment clean for everyone.

Mr. Subramanian also feeds the dogs near his home. Being a vegetarian, he buys food for these dogs from his pocket to ensure they are well fed.

“I am a vegetarian and we don’t cook meat at home. So, every day I buy them food such as dosa or parotta with chicken or beef. If I am on leave, I ensure that they are fed on time by my colleagues. They are also living beings like us, if not us, then who will feed these poor creatures,” says Mr. Subramanian H.

Helping him in his good deed is his wife Mayadevi and their children who are equally happy to do this good act.

“The lockdown days have been hard on the street dogs. So, my family started to give food to a few dogs near our house. I don’t want to give food waste to these poor animals. Every day, I spend `200 for them to ensure that they are not hungry. Many people have been contacting me and applauding my deed but I believe in the saying – do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” adds Subramaniyan.

With all his good work, he is not hyped about the video that went viral. “I wish that my action inspires someone to feed at least a deprived person or a stray animal. I would consider that as my achievement. We are living through a pandemic and many have lost their lives. Why don’t we offer a kind hand to others?” asks Subramaniyan.

Retired Army officer Major Parmila Singh and her father Shyamveer Singh

These two have been taking care of stray animals by providing them with food and medicines for many years until PM Modi applauded their efforts.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and lockdown were imposed for the first time in 2020,  Shyamveer sought a special permit from the Kota district administration to allow him to continue to feed the animals.

Retired Army officer, Major Parmila Singh and her father Shyamveer Singh have been feeding stray dogs providing them with food and medicines for the past 35 years.

It is believed that they spend about ₹ 30,000 or about $400 every month out of their pockets to ensure the stray dogs are sterilized to control their population.

This is something Mr. Singh started doing a long time ago even before his daughter joined him.  Mr. Singh a retired superintendent engineer from PHED, has been providing food and medicines to the street dogs and other animals. Eventually, Miss Parmilla also got to join him when she retired from the army in 2019.

Their efforts have been appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has declared their “efforts are an inspiration for the society”.  This shows there are still people who are interested in the welfare of animals that have no home or families.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many people coming forward to feed stray animals, especially during the lockdown that affected these animals as well.

In May 2021, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) conferred recognized a cop from Lucknow for feeding stray animals during the lockdown. With the hospitality industry shit down, the effects on the stray dogs were adverse.

In the same month, the Odisha government allocated ₹60 lakh to feed stray animals during the lockdown.  This was to be imposed by the state to facilitate an impact of covid-19 on stray animals.

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The story of a cop feeding stray dogs as the pandemic causes lockdown is but one story that should challenge us to become more human both with people and stray animals around us. It does not take much to reach out to others.  It starts with a willing heart and the rest is history!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of feeding stray dogs?

Stray dogs are like the pet dogs, just that they have no one to take care of them. Generally, dogs have a wide array of roles in society, as they are social animals, and can be companion pets, working animals or guard animals. Their ability to adapt to different environments makes them a versatile species. In addition, there is no other animal that is associable with humans. They are highly intelligent, can communicate with one another and have strong bonds with their owners.

What is the importance of feeding stray animals?

Feeding stray animals is an act of kindness. It shows appreciation towards the animals and helps to improve their lives. Feeding is an effective way to provide care and companionship to animals who may otherwise not have access to food.

What can you give a street dog?

Street dogs need nutritious food to help them fight against diseases and parasites. They can be given dry and wet food. Dry food is easy to prepare but is more expensive than wet food. Wet food can be prepared at home, and is much cheaper. Street dogs are also prone to diseases such as hookworm, which can be easily prevented with a proper diet.