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Stray dogs are a special breed that is seldom anyone’s favorite. They are often feared, neglected, and left alone to suffer. That’s why it’s always a touching moment when people get to see other concerned citizens care for stray dogs or at least feed them.

But in times of the pandemic, it’s hard for people who are willing to help stray dogs give them food to eat. Since not a lot of people are allowed outside their homes, it’s also harder for stray dogs to look for food on the streets.

The dogs in the viral video

A viral Twitter post has been making circulations on the world wide web. In the video, you can see a local Indian police car sounding off its siren as it gets to a particular area of the street. A closer look at the video will reveal about seven to eight stray dogs.

After the vehicle went into full park, the dogs seem like they were waiting patiently for someone while wagging their tails with excitement. Soon, two uniformed policemen were seen exiting the vehicle. They then approached the dogs began feeding the pooches all while the siren was still on.

The viral officers in the video

The video was actually taken in the Chandigarh, a city in India, where a lot of the stray dogs were expected to go without food because of the lockdown caused by the pandemic. According to the Tribune journalist and sharer of the video, Amit Sharma, the men in uniform have been feeding the dogs since lockdown.

Amit also described how the loud sound was a police siren for people. But for dogs, it was a meal siren. Many netizens praised the generous deed and great dedication the police had for the stray dogs.

Watch the video here: Twitter


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