It’s hard to understand the mysteries of the world, especially if you’re a critter as small as a puppy. This adorable corgi pup from New Hampshire is no different. In fact, she’s still so young that she can’t quite grasp the concept of mirrors and reflections yet, and this clip has hilariously captured her priceless reaction.

Ashley Spada and her family first brought home the corgi Freyja in April. The pooch was nothing but an angel on her first day in the house, immediately learning that her crate was not a potty and that she shouldn’t disturb her fur parents at night.

Over time, the adorable pooch began picking up on some basic tricks and eventually learned how things worked in the house, too. She also became quite naughty and playful. Whenever she felt like she wasn’t given much attention, she would run off with her fur parents’ slipper or sock until Ashley and her partner chased her around.

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There was one thing in the house, however, that Freyja couldn’t quite understand yet: mirrors. The first time that the corgi saw one, Ashley was holding her up and pointing at their reflection in the hanging mirror. Freyja wasn’t quite fazed then, maybe since her fur mom was in the reflection, too.

But when she encountered a full-length mirror for the first time just recently, she completely freaked out. She would bark at her reflection non-stop and be totally convinced that another pup was in the house. She would then go searching for this other dog, much to the amusement of Ashley.

One time, the fur mom caught Freyja barking at the mirror again and decided to record the whole ordeal. As the pooch snarled at the mirror, Ashley kept convincing her that it was just her reflection. Freyja, of course, didn’t listen at all.

She even looked behind the frame to see if the other pup was hiding there. The fur mom couldn’t help but double over in laughter at her corgi’s silly behavior. Watch the hilarious scene here.

She is such a freak haha! I already showed her TWICE today that it was her and held her up to the mirror lol 😂😂

Posted by Ashley Spada on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Courtesy of Ashley Spada


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