In life, there are moments when we accidentally showcase our skills to our loved ones. It turns out incredibly well, and it ends up that way because of the absence of any kind of bragging.

This corgi is a tri-colored pet that’s definitely loved by its family. On this day, this owner found the perky-eared pet on top of some low benches. The pup smiled, and then it hopped down.

The young lady behind the camera asked the pet where it was going. It merely turned its head and showed a cheeky smile, and then it ran to say hi to someone washing stuff.

Then the pup scaled a tall part of what looked like a counter, and everyone was amazed. How did this corgi jump at a height that’s easily three times its length?

We guess when you have short legs and you’re all of 12 inches long, you’d like to be anywhere you could see the views. It’s no wonder this one really made use of all that spring in its legs to get up.

Someone said this doggo’s a mountain goat corgi. We agree because that agility and sure-footed accuracy were just incredible to witness. You don’t master that unless you’ve done it several times.

We wonder how high this corgi could go. That jump looked so effortless that we just know this fluffy pet could go much, much higher. We hope there’d be more scaling clips of this pet in the future.

It’s understandable for this corgi to go and chill in elevated places. It must be tough to see five inches from the floor all the time, so no wonder this dog honed its scaling skills.

Well done, but make sure you keep your balance always, pet. We don’t want you getting hurt, so keep that sure-footed leaping on point!

Credits to Penguin Files via YouTube


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