It’s not hard to believe how a dog can change someone’s life. When Mariesa and Chris Hughes first saw a pup named Moses online, they knew that he would be a great addition to their big family.

The couple already has eight dogs in their home, but it didn’t stop them from taking in Moses. “He was adorable in the picture we saw online. He wore a cute tie, but that was just a bonus. We knew he was worth adopting,” Mariesa said.

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Mariesa and Chris didn’t wait any longer. After all, Moses has been staying at an animal shelter in Sanford, Florida, for too long. If not adopted, the senior dog will soon be euthanized.

The couple went to the shelter to take the pup home. They initially planned to foster him first in their small rescue, and then look for his forever family. But as soon as Moses joined their other dogs, they knew that he was for keeps.

They cherished every moment they had with Moses. Despite his old age, the dog was so vibrant and energetic and loved everyone around him. He was so full of character, according to the couple.

The next two years were full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, Moses had an incurable disease. It was an inoperable tumor in his spine that left him with just one more month to live.

The couple didn’t want to lose the loving pup that quick, so they exhausted all their funds and did everything to save him. But the tumor was so aggressive that it put an end to the dog’s life.

“It felt like the end of the world when we lost Moses. He was so chatty but so loving. It’s impossible not to miss his gentle demeanor. Even our dogs miss him,” Mariesa narrated.

After a while of grieving, the couple decided to expand their small rescue in memory of Moses. They came up with Mr. Mo Project, an organization that helps senior dogs with their medical expenses.

The team also has a network of foster homes that take in these elderly dogs from high-kill shelters. The first launch of the project was a success, where they rehomed a total of three hundred senior dogs!

Moses surely left a legacy in this world. Learn more about this couple, their project, and their entire family in the video below!

Video credit: Youtube Life in the Dog House


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