Humans and animals alike crave for close interaction with their family. No matter the occasion, a loving gesture’s enough to convey the warmth and the message across.

As such, it’s not surprising to see an Alaskan Malamute begging its fur dad to give him the same hugs that Dad gave his human brother. By the looks of it, the cute dog’s craving for more despite Dad indulging in with his request.

I love you, son.

In this video, a loving father and son tandem sit across each other on their living room floor. While it looks like the little boy’s busy playing with his toys, Dad starts calling out his attention to give him a hug and a kiss.

Almost immediately, the little boy complied with Dad’s request. The boy then faced his father to return the favor.

But, it seems someone’s green with envy at the pair’s display of affection as one hears a menacing growl. Before anyone could decipher, an Alaskan Malamute trots toward the hugging pair to try and stop them.

Hey! I want a hug, too!

Despite the pooch’s deafening growls, Dad and his son continued with their embrace. As the two display their love, the Alaskan Malamute swiftly approaches them to put an end to their drama.

No matter how much the dog tries, nothing’s stopping them. The pooch could only wait for Dad to end the hug before demanding a hug as well.

As the little boy saunters away, Dad turns towards the jealous pooch to give it an affectionate pat. Dad then pulls in the pooch to embrace it as well.

The clingy pooch’s happy that Dad afforded him the same loving gesture as he gave his brother. But, it seems this Alaskan Malamute’s not contented with the swift hug as it starts begging for more.

Did Dad indulge the dog with another hug? Check the video below to view everything in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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