Almost 26 million viewers made this video of a rare friendship between a dog and a cat a viral story.

Beck, a German Shepherd, and Bleu, a cute kitten, are probably the most inspiring pets you will get to watch these days. These two are inseparable and always happy that they have become a dose of good thoughts not only to their fur parents but everyone who gets a chance to see them.

Beck and Bleu, happy together

Meet Beck and Bleu, the dog and kitten that will change your perception about cats and dogs’ relationship. These two are the sweetest and the most caring pair you have probably seen today. But they were not always like this. Just like any cat and dog, they were perfect strangers and had nothing to do with each other. This video will explain everything, so make sure you watch it to the end.

Beck and Bleu’s wonderful moments

Watching the video will show you how happy Beck and Bleu are together, as well as give you an insight into how they formed this rare friendship. As explained in the video, Beck came first, but its fur parents thought that it seems sad. Blaming that to loneliness, they adopted another pet. This time, it is a kitten named Bleu.

As soon as Bleu arrived in the family, it was introduced to Beck. At first, Beck doesn’t want to have anything to do with Bleu basically because it is too playful to the point of rowdy for the dog. Eventually, Beck realized that Bleu just wanted to cheer her up. That’s the start of the wonderful relationship that these two share. They would play, eat, and sleep together with happiness. Indeed, they are the absolute model of amazing pets that did not only get along pretty well but are best of friends for life.

OldManStino via Youtube


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