9 Dog Breeds For Working Couples

Thanks to a busy life, finding dog breeds for working couples might be challenging. Explore these options and you might find your next (or first) furry friend sooner.

The busy lifestyle of many couples today means they have little time to look after their pets, and that can have a negative impact on their health and well-being. However, it is possible to have a dog as part of your family without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. In fact, research shows that dog owners enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle than those who don’t have pets.

If you’re a busy couple, you’ve probably found yourselves wondering what kind of dog to get. After all, you’d like a pet that’s easy to care for, doesn’t require a lot of attention, and is good with kids.  You also want a dog that’s healthy and energetic, but won’t keep you up at night.

All dogs are good dogs, but some breeds are better suited to a working couple than others. Thankfully, there are several dog breeds for working couples that are perfectly suited for their work schedule.

Dog Breeds For Working Couples To Consider

Should working couples get a dog?

German Shepherd

If you’re looking for a dog that is easy to train, loves kids, and will never bite you, then you need to get a German Shepherd. They’re gentle and friendly, they’ll always follow you around, so you’re never alone.

Bassett Hound

The basset hound is a fun dog, but it’s also pretty easy-going. This makes it a great pet for people who have to work late and return home tired. The dog will enjoy a relaxed evening with its human and be content to snooze the whole way through making it one of the perfect dog breeds for working couples.

If you’re able to sneak them out for a quick walk, you’ll be rewarded with healthier weight. They also tend to be prone to obesity-related health issues, so you might want to take them on regular hikes to help them burn off some energy. This means you will have great company to help you destress after a long week.


These dogs are so smart that they’re usually under a blanket in bed – and they’re just fine with that! They are extremely intelligent and have a solid understanding of how to behave differently inside than outside.

It helps them do well in an apartment or smaller home. They do need plenty of exercise, though.

Shiba Inu

This breed is a great combination of cute and independence. The breed is originally from Japan. It is considered a hunting dog, meaning they’re good for being alone but not necessarily best with children.

Try playing games with them or even training them with some puzzle toys. They’ll enjoy getting their hands on toys that can keep them entertained.


Weighing in at just 2 to 6 pounds, the tiny little Chihuahua is the perfect pet for people who want a mini lap dog.

Most Chihuahuas are relatively healthy. However, they need extra grooming to help keep their coat looking good. A long-haired Chihuahua will benefit from regular brushing.


If you’re looking for a large dog but don’t want the huge size of the mastiff, then you should try out the bullmastiff. At 100-130 pounds, it’s still quite large.

Bullmastiffs are energetic dogs who enjoy some alone time. They do not require a lot of attention, which means you can focus on your work while they just chill.

Moreover, they are amazing family dogs as they are very affectionate and good with kids. These mellow dogs have a brute-like appearance that is enough to scare off intruders. When you’re at work, you know your place is under great supervision!

Irish Wolfhound

An Irish wolfhound doesn’t mind spending a few hours in the house but if they don’t get a chance to stretch their legs it could lead to some bad behavior. That is why you should always make sure you can see your dog’s bed from where they sleep.

The colossal Irish Wolfhound stands three and a half feet high and weighs close to 150 pounds. While not an intimidating sight, the gentle giant of the hound family is nonetheless large and imposing.

He is an excellent family companion who will get along with everyone in the family including children. As far as living situations go, he is perfectly happy to lounge on the couch all day while you are working. Exactly what you need when looking for dog breeds for working couples.

The Irish Wolfhound is a hunting dog with a reputation for stamina and endurance. They were bred to chase down and bring down their prey and are known for being one of the most intelligent breeds. They might come in handy when preparing for those work presentations.


Dachshund is yet another option of dog breeds for working couples. It is a breed that is ideal for small spaces, including apartments and those lacking yards.

Dachshunds are a dog breed that loves to play and have fun. So every time you aren’t busy with work, you will be having a good time with them. They live for 15 years and they’ll delight you every single day. They’re just so darn cute.

Remember to put your Dachshund in a sweater on those cold days.

Chow Chow

This is a cute little puppy that we hope you will enjoy!

The Chow Chow dog is a versatile breed that will make a good companion for someone who likes the outdoors but also works well as an indoor pet.

They do well in apartments because they don’t need a ton of exercise, but you should try to take them for a daily walk.

How do working couples keep dogs?

Final Thoughts

With several dog breeds for working couples available, It should be easy to pick one or two. Coming back home to a loving dog is never a bad idea. And, your busy schedule should not deprive you of enjoying the love these canines have to offer.

Remember, dogs aren’t always easy, and a little patience is sometimes required. The 1st few days might seem difficult as you will have to train them. But once that stage is over, it becomes a smooth sail.

While most of these dog breeds for working couples don’t mind staying indoors, they are still dogs and will benefit from an occasional walk or run.

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How do working couples keep dogs?

Routine! Once you develop and stick to a routine, it becomes easier to keep a dog.

Should working couples get a dog?

Yes, As long as they are able to care for the dog and enjoy its company.

What to do with your dog when you work 12 hours?

Get the most out of the time where you will be home. Cuddle and bond with your dog and remind them they are loved. Also, do the best you can to keep the dog entertained while you are away. Toys can be a great start.

Can you leave your dog in the backyard while at work?

Yes, Your dog will enjoy plenty of outdoor space. They will play and chase leaves which is fun for them. Remember to leave a bowl of clean water for them especially on hot days.