Working with animals is indeed common nowadays. But the struggle behind the scenes is what most of the public does not know about. You really have to lengthen that patience and expect the worst to happen.

In Brazil, the couple Alfredo and Joyce recently got engaged. Their engagement was witnessed by the most important people in their lives and, of course, their beloved fur baby named Thor.

Thor is only nine months and loves to play and run around. You could just imagine how energetic this puppy is.

After the engagement, the couple immediately started to plan and prepare for a September wedding. They have decided to do a photoshoot. They contacted and booked a local photographer to help them out.

Nicolas Carrelo was the photographer the couple chose to work with. Alfredo asked Nicolas to include Thor in the photoshoot. He even assured the photographer that their dog would surely be on his best behavior. Nicolas somehow got an idea of what’s about to go down but still agreed to the request.

In the usual photoshoot, the photographer would try to visualize the desired theme of his clients. He transitions these ideas into his photos by setting the scene for the couple.

When the shoot started, it was clear that Thor will run the show this time. Instead of getting upset, the photographer had a great laugh with all of Thor’s antics throughout the shoot.

There were a total of 1,500 photos Nicolas had taken of the couple. Most of them are just straight out hilarious, not very suitable to be branded as engagement photos. There were only 80 photos that somehow showed potential.

When the couple saw their photoshoot results, they admitted that every picture with Thor contains a different kind of fun. His energy and hilarious antics took their photoshoot to a whole new level.

Source @nicolascarrelfotografia via Instagram


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