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Coffee lovers can’t go through the day without having a cup of coffee. And this dog’s among them—only that her favorite “coffee” contains no caffeine. The Starbucks Puppuccino, which is an espresso shot cup that’s full of whipped cream or foamed milk, is a rare treat usually given to dogs. It has no coffee, tea, or caffeine, so it’s safe for your furry friend.

One morning, the dog’s owner decided to hit up the drive-thru at a Texas Starbucks, with the dog and her two dog siblings in tow. She’s giving them a Puppuccino as a treat. The dogs could not contain their excitement when their owner stopped the vehicle to order their favorite drink.

While waiting for their order, the dog got impatient and went straight out of the opened car window to cause a very unexpected scene. She’s out to confront the person behind the drive-thru window why was their order taking so long. The dog’s owner scrambled to her feet and tried to calm the dog but failed.

Another customer, Billie Lynn Reed, witnessed the commotion while she was waiting in line at the drive-thru. The adorable scene brightened her day as it was her first time to see a dog getting impatient while waiting for her Puppuccino. She decided to record the scene as it’s too hilarious not to be shared.

So, what happened next to the dog? Well, the owner tried with all her might to pull the dog back inside the car. The dog’s huge and heavy, so she had a hard time wrangling her, but ultimately she succeeded.

After a couple of seconds, the owner’s order arrived. The dogs then waited for their owner to give them their Puppuccino, and the three enjoyed drinking in silence.

Watch how this impatient dog made an adorable scene in the video below.

So there I was in the drive thru at Starbucks and I look up and I was like OMG. Lol I was rolling 😂. So you know I had to record it or it didn’t happen 😆This video is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and media. To license or use in a commercial player please contact

Posted by Billie Lynn Reed on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Source The Dodo via Facebook


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