A video of a dog owner’s “summoning technique” became internet famous. A lot of people were amazed and are left trying to copy the same method.

With a simple tweak of this woman’s fingers, her dog places her chin to the palm of her hands. This short but adorable video broke Twitter.

The short clip showed that a woman on a sofa displays her palm and places it right in front of her dog who was curled up on the couch with her. The pup seemed drawn to the gesture. She decided to put her chin on her owner’s palm.

Upon watching this adorable clip, a lot of netizens are also trying their version of the technique. Someone even started a thread on Twitter and explained about the craze. Here are some of the videos:

Others “failed” in copying the method. One particular video showed how a netizen showed the gesture to a man who was sitting, bewildered with what his friend is doing. Confused, he showed the gesture back.

It was so funny, and others even commented on how the man looked like a confused toddler, trying to understand what’s happening around him.

One was successful, though. Upon seeing the gesture, this teenager placed her chin on her friend’s palm. It was one of the best versions.

The original video showed how the dog seemed “hypnotized” by her owner’s fingers. We can see how she moves her ears upon seeing her owner’s hands wide open. Then, she rushed over and placed her chin on her owner’s palm.

The video was viewed 435,000 times; liked 42,000 and has been retweeted for over 7000 times as of this writing.

Have you tried it with your friends yet? How about your pets? Let us know if you’ve done it and if you’re successful about it or not.

Special thanks to @rebelliousmary for posting this adorable clip!


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