The world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day on the seventeenth of March. This feast commemorates the death date of Ireland’s foremost patron saint. It is both a cultural and religious tradition.

Over the years, people from different backgrounds have started to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Nowadays, this tradition is no longer exclusive to the country of Ireland or the Irish diaspora. Yes, anyone, regardless of race or nationality, partakes in St. Patrick’s Day.

And when we say anyone, we mean absolutely anyone. That includes dogs. After all, the canine species enjoy feasts as much as we do.

Take, for instance, the dog in our featured video. He goes by the name Lucky. For St. Patrick’s Day, Lucky abandons his usual Luckyness.

Instead, he assumes the persona of a leprechaun. As a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun, Lucky goes on an epic adventure. Watch this dog’s unique St. Patrick’s Day celebration below.

Lucky the leprechaun dog ventures out into the unknown in search of a pot of gold. He’s got a nice outfit for his quest. We can tell that Lucky went out of his way to make his St. Patrick’s Day extra special.

He wears a shamrock hat, which is, of course, green. He also has a green suit that hugs his furry body quite flatteringly. Lucky looks good and ready for his epic adventure.

Lucky climbs up a cliff. He crosses a wooden bridge. He scouts through a green meadow and follows a stream.

Eventually, his efforts pay off. He finds the pot of richness he’s been looking for. And there’s also a rainbow looking after the culmination of his journey.

But what he finds is not a pot of gold. It’s a pot of green tennis balls, which is just as great. Now, Lucky can play fetch without running out of tennis balls.

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