One night while driving home, someone named Anderson Bahi saw something he wouldn’t ever forget in his life. It was the purest form of love of a dog for her ill owner.

Bahi stated that he was passing in his car. It was then when he noticed an ambulance halted on the other side of the highway. It turned out to be that a man with his dog had fallen ill on the sidewalk just a few moments earlier.

The rescuers immediately attended to the man, loaded him into the ambulance, and drove him to the hospital. Unexpectedly, the little pup refused to be left behind. Without hesitation, she quickly jumped onto the ambulance’s rear bumper.

Bahi wasn’t able to do anything about it. He only watched the whole scene from afar. But the only thing Bahi could ever imagine for sure was how special the love this little dog has for her owner, one such faithful love.

Thankfully, the ambulance crew wasn’t that selfish to ignore such a touching gesture of the dog. He instead went out and opened the door at the back so that the little pup could stay by her owner’s side. But the dog’s devotion did not end there. When the dog’s owner was wheeled inside the hospital, she patiently waited outside the hospital door for him to return.

Maria Lúcia Muniz, a local animal rescuer, who lives just near the hospital, noticed the dog who kept waiting outside the hospital door. She then decided to take the dog for a night. Luckily, the little pup’s wait wasn’t that long. Her dedication had paid off.

According to Muniz, she finds it very emotional. She was thankful for the dog’s owner’s hospital stay wasn’t also that long. It only took him 45 minutes to be there. Finally, everything about him was OK, and his family took him and his faithful dog home.

Source Facebook via Anderson Fechner Bahi


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