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In 2015, the parents of this dog named Treya got murdered. From that moment, the dog’s life became miserable and unhappy. This is because she was left to spend most of her days chained beneath the porch of their abandoned house. Since some of her neighbors pitied the pooch’s condition, they would often bring the dog something to eat.

Aside from food, the neighbors likewise made a makeshift shelter for the dog to be protected from the sun’s heat and the night’s cold weather. However, no one from the dog’s neighborhood wanted to adopt the dog. Since the dog did not have constant human interaction, the pooch developed aggressiveness to other people. Treya likewise found it hard to trust other people.

The dog endured that kind of environment for five years. After years of being chained, a new neighbor finally found the courage to report the dog’s condition to an animal shelter. As they received the report, volunteers from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis came to the dog’s shelter.

When the volunteers arrived, the dog began to bark at them. It was a normal reaction because Treya was not used to the presence of humans. The rescuers, meanwhile, understood why the pooch reacted that way. The rescuers patiently waited for the dog to calm dog, but Treya continued barking. At this time, the rescuers gave the dog something to eat, so she would feel that the rescuers are not bad guys.

The strategy was efficient because the rescuers were able to get the dog’s trust. After the rescue, they immediately brought the dog to a clinic. At the clinic, the dog received medical care because she had wounds all over her body. When she recuperated from the injuries, Treya was brought to a loving foster home.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis Official.


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