When you are left for dead in a trash bag and what seems like a whole community came to your aid to give you your life back. This is one example of how team effort can change one’s life.

St. Vincent was put in a trash bag and left in the woods to die. A group of people knew they needed to rush to be able to save his life. Vincent was brought immediately to the hospital, and the staff did the necessary medical treatments for him.

Carla Mohan of New York Bully Crew said that Vincent received all kinds of treatments. When they found him, he has already given up on life. But after receiving treatments, day by day Vincent’s spark has slowly shone. There are hope and brightness in his eyes.

After a few days, Vincent made great progress as he started to walk again. Vincent was finally walking, and the people rooting for him could not be happier. He was finally ready to go and be with his foster home.

Vincent was welcomed warmly in his foster family’s home. His foster siblings have welcomed him openly as well. He has made so many friends especially the small dogs.

Who would have known that Vincent would be a great babysitter? He even met someone special, Enaya. Eneya is Vincent’s girlfriend and it’s incredible to see that he is able to find love. This might be the reason why Vincent was saved.

He still has a purpose. He lives to meet Enaya and be able to live a life with her and find a new family. The life he is living now would never have been possible if people chose to ignore rather than take action.

Because of a team that worked together in helping him, Vincent is now living the life that he was meant to live.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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