What To Do If Your Dog Licks An Athlete’s Foot – Discover The Real Reason Behind This Bad Behavior

Dog licks an athlete’s foot. Is that a rare occasion or normal behavior of your dog? Many dog owners experience the activity of a dog licking their skin or feet more precisely. For dogs, the smell and taste of feet are tasty. In other words, everything that is salty or has some odor is really what gets the dog going for those licks.

One of the greatest things about owning a dog is having a companion that’s always there to keep you company. Dogs love being around people, and it’s not unusual for them to spend long hours cuddling with their owners. However, sometimes your dog may develop a habit of licking your feet, and it can be a bit of a nuisance. While this behavior is cute and sweet, it can also cause some irritation and even lead to your dog having issues with mouth irritations.

So, today we are going to cover the topic of why a dog licks an athlete’s foot, how to handle this behavior, what it really means, and what to do if you experience this activity in your dog’s actions.

What’s Athlete’s Foot Condition?

For many of us, our feet become a problem in late summer and early fall, a time when our skin is drying out due to the warm weather. This causes small cracks or holes to appear on our skin.

Those cracks, called cracks, usually develop on the bottom half of our feet, around the balls of our feet and toes. They are a common condition known as athlete’s foot. The condition gets its name from the fact that most people who get this condition play sports.

 Is it good for dogs to lick an athlete's foot

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What Is The Reason Dogs Love To Lick The Human Skin

If your dog licks you, it might be for a variety of reasons: they’re loving, seeking your attention, or acting on a natural impulse. Dogs licking their owners, or people in general, is so widespread nowadays; it is considered as “offering kisses,” and many believe it is a sign of devotion.

Allowing your dog to lick you is typically pretty safe; however, certain dogs appear to lick humans more than others. Although this activity is typically innocuous, it’s not something that every owner wants from their dog. In some cases, owners look for ways to stop this behavior in their dogs.

When your dog begins to lick you, it may notice that you have an unusual human flavor that is somewhat salty. Distinctive flavors can be quite attractive to dogs. Dogs can also “investigate” their surroundings through licking. After all, you are a part of the universe they live in, and dogs explore that universe with their taste buds.

How To Prevent Your Dog To Lick Your Athlete’s Foot

Here are some tips I used to prevent my dog from licking my athlete’s foot: First, I put some baking soda on my feet, which I learned from my mom. Baking soda kills the yeast. Then I put a little bit of vinegar on it and mixed it with water. Then I used a cotton ball and dabbed it on the affected area. Vinegar has an antibacterial effect, so it will kill any germs, and if your dog licks that spot, they will not like the taste. That way, your dog will stop licking those spots.

The next tip is to keep your dog away from your feet. Make sure that you put lotion on your feet daily. And you should apply the lotion before your feet are exposed to your dog’s tongue. It is possible that your dog may lick the lotion right off your feet, but that’s a rare case because dogs don’t like the lotion taste.

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Final Thoughts On Dog Licks An Athlete’s Foot

In conclusion, if your dog licks an athlete’s foot, you should not let them do that activity. Not only can it evoke discomfort for the owner, but it can also cause health problems for the dog. Other than that, the condition of the “athlete’s foot” is also related to fungal infections. So, treatment of this condition should be taken seriously and should be taken care of with medical prescriptions.

By any means, don’t let your dog lick it. Another thing to remember is that your dog’s mouth can have other bacteria which might get transferred into the open wounds, caused by this medical condition. Always try to prevent your dog from licking your feet if you have some kind of infection; that way, save your dog and yourself from more significant concerns.

I hope you understand how the topic of “dog licks an athlete’s foot.” As always, thank you for reading this article.


Is it good for dogs to lick an athlete's foot?

There is not a single reason why licking off your infected feet should be good for your dog. There are many reasons why this is not good. Firstly this is a condition that can lead to infections and greater health problems. Secondly, that is totally unhygienic both for you and your dog. So, the answer is no, licking off this condition is not good for your dog.

Can my dog get sick from licking my feet?

Allowing your dog to lick your feet may sound nasty, but as long as your feet are healthy, you don't have any open sores, and you haven't applied any drugs that may be dangerous to your dog, such as psoriasis creams, there is no harm in allowing your dog to do so.

Why does my dog lick my feet and legs all the time?

The odor of your feet might be interesting for your dog. Dogs are animals that investigate the world with their scent, and when there is a new scent around them they will try to interact with it. Other than that, the salty smell and taste of your feet will get your dog interested in licking your legs. That occurs because sweat from human beings is salty and the dog loves the salty taste.

Is dog saliva anti-fungal? 

There is no evidence that the saliva of dogs is anti-fungal. That is pretty much an internet myth. Dog saliva can actually do harm to open human wounds because of the bacteria which are carried in the dog's mouth.