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On Twitter, one user shared a story back in March about his dog named Hank. The story is about a good boy, a family, shoes chewed up, and a fire. All of these were in the story and it comes with a lot of emotions. It can make you cry and it will warm your heart in the end. Those who read the tweet got a lot of positive vibes from it.

This is the story of how Hank saved his family when a fire started in their home. If it weren’t for this beloved animal, the family may have gotten in danger or may have even lost their lives.

Hank’s owner, who goes by the Twitter username @USCocksman, shared that Hank is quite the mischievous dog. Once, he gnawed on his wife’s new pair of Vans. He has his own share of acts that have got his owners scratching their heads.

One night, while the whole family was asleep, Hank was hearing barking his throat out. He was in the living room. Because his owner was awoken by Hank’s ruckus, he stood up to make Hank stop. He was surprised that his front yard was glowing in orange color.

He continued to share that it seems like a fire had started in their work shed which had flammable stuff in there. Thanks to Hanks ruckus, the family was able to get out to safety. They were also able to call 911 to report the fire.

Only the shed was devastated by the fire. Their house was still standing. However, their neighbor’s fence and shed also got damaged. If Hank had not been alert, then the whole thing may have gotten even worse.

Thank you, Hank, for being the good boy that you are. If it were not for you, who knows what could have happened to your humans?

Source: Ulysses S. Cocksman


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