In Nepal, a stray dog becomes the center of attention when she took on a mountain together with a group of climbers. Her owner shared the whole story on the internet.

Last year, a local dog caught up with Don Wargowsky and the rest of the mountain climbers when they were getting ready to take on Mount Baruntse in eastern Nepal. During the ascent, the dog followed the group and climbed the mountain with them.

There were several groups of climbers but the determined pup ran to catch up with her new friends. She met them in Khare, a village in Nepal.

Mt. Baruntse stands at 7,129 meters. It’s 1,719 meters smaller compared to Mount Everest which stands at 8.848 meters. Even the most experienced climbers find it hard to climb the mountain. However, the dog dubbed as “Mera” successfully ascended to the top without any protection on her body or even just her paws.

Mera quickly built a friendship with Wargowsky who was a native in Seattle. He led the one-month long mountain adventure. They shared stuff together: meals, tent and sleeping bags. This went on for two weeks as the group scaled the mountain.

When the group reached an area which is too tough to climb, Wargowsky decided to leave Mera behind. To make sure that the poor pup won’t follow them, Mera was tied up near the base camp.

Mera yelped and whines as Wargowsky and the rest of the group walked away. After 30 minutes or so, he suddenly felt a tickle on the back of his knee. When he looked down, Mera was right behind them. She was following the group again.

The group tried to leave Mera again by tying her up because they thought the following sections were too difficult for the dog. However, when they reach 671 meters to take a picture, Wargowsky was surprised to see Mera running up to meet him and his group again.

The pup seemed determined to climb along with the group. The mountain climbers were already scaling the mountain for 7 hours. As they climb the mountain, the pup always catches up and climb along with them.

According to Wargowsky, he has no idea how Mera successfully climbed through the vertical wall of snow. She looked so keen to climb with them. When they reached the peak, they snapped photos with the first dog who successfully climbed Mount Baruntse.

After the climb, Wargowsky decided to adopt his new friend Mera. She was renamed as “Baru” after the mountain that she bravely conquered. She now lives with Wargowsky in the US.

Credits to Wargowsky for sharing these wonderful photos on Facebook.


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