Who is more patient: A dog or a 1-year-old human child when it comes to getting food on the table?

Anyone who owns a pet dog or has a child can relate to the fact that both can be impatient at times.  This is especially true when it comes to food. Dogs and toddlers are known for grabbing food whenever they see one.

This video clip displays exactly what a one-year-old kid and a pet dog will do when food is placed in front of them. So, with this patience test, who do you think won?

The participants consist of Haru, a Shiba Inu and Abram, a one-year-old toddler. They “faced-off” in front of the camera. Watch the hilarious video below.

Someone kept placing a random food item in front of the duo. The competition started with a potato. Abram immediately grabbed it and gave it back to the person who placed it on the table. Haru, on the other hand, tried to look the other way, maybe to avoid “temptation.”

The next item was an apple. Again, Abram grabbed it, pointed at it and looked at it for some time before bringing it back to the other person. Haru, again, looked at the other side.

The third item was orange. Abram grabbed it and even tried to take a bite off of it. Unfortunately, he realized, it was too sour for him, so he gave it back. He also did the same to the carrot.

Now, for the fifth item, Abram’s favorite snack was placed on the table. He immediately ate it, and he even shared some portions to Haru, who gladly accepted.

The last item was Haru’s favorite snack. This time, Haru gobbled it up, and Abram was left looking at an empty table.

Who, do you think won?

Credits to Haru the Shiba Inu for sharing this funny and adorable clip with us!


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