There has been a notion for everybody to either be a cat enthusiast or a dog lover. Some believe that most people can only pick one between the two animals. But the truth is, there are still owners who consider themselves lovers of the two.

But cats and dogs are known for being mortal enemies. So, it would be impossible to make them stay together in a single place at home.

Good thing for Dúi’s parents because they don’t just have a normal-looking pooch. It feels like they own a dog who happens to look like a cat.

It’s a rare phenomenon to see a house animal who looks like a combination of a canine and a feline.

Dúi seems to guise as a pet with a hound’s face, in a cat’s figure, and a little touch of a fox.

One internet fan suggested that Dúi is a corgi being hybridized with a British American short-haired kitten.

But this great-looking hybrid is a pup. He only looks so uncommon because he emanates from an experiment of special strains of dogs.

Dúi’s is Hai Anh and Tuan’s baby. They’re currently living the best of their lives in their home in Vietnam.

According to the two, Dúi is a cross between a Hmong (native kind of pup) and Dingo, a dog breed famous for having short limbs. It’s their guess too that maybe he also had a transmutation for the foxlike hint in his appearance.

His owners love Dúi so much. Not only because he looks so cute with his features, but for the reason that he communicates with others through some peculiar and hilarious expressions.

It wouldn’t be so shocking to see the lad becoming an internet superstar in an instant. Dúi became immediately popular not only in his homeland but even all over the world.

Anh and Tuan decided to create their dog a Facebook page, and within five days, the page’s likes already hiked to 40,000 with 58,000 followers.

Dúi’s fans express their love and admiration for the dog thru their comments on his Facebook page. As Anh reads them to Dúi, he showers the two with hugs and kisses, telling them how grateful he is for his admirers.

People may look at him as someone who has a big name now because of his exceptional appearance, Dúi is still an ordinary dog living happily with his fur parents.

Like the other dogs, he loves fooling around with his fur buddies and his human companions.

Surely, everybody will love a delightful and hilarious dog who looks so much like a cat!

Video Credits: Gấu Mèo – Nguyễn Văn Dúi on Facebook


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