There are lots of things that dogs love to do, but strolling and eating will always be at the top of their list. This dog in the video below is not different from other dogs – what makes her unique is her love for sandwiches. Now called Subway Sally, this adorable furball frequents a sandwich shop where she gets a free meal of her favorite food from the generous owner every time.

A sandwich a day

Watch Subway Sally go for the daily walk that earns her a sandwich from this generous shop owner. Unlike many dogs in the neighborhood, this dog will skip the normal meal and playtime for its favorite wrapped treat. For her love of this food, she now gets the moniker Subway Sally and has become the favorite of the million viewers who have seen her video below.

Meet Subway Sally

While the dog in the video had been tagged as Subway Sally for quite some time now, that is not her real name. It is a moniker some playful fans branded her with after noticing that the furball is frequenting a sandwich shop in the neighborhood. After learning that she favors a yummy wrapped food treat that the shop owner happily hands out to the adorable dog, people who see her everyday playfully called her in that name.

Today, Subway Sally is not just the cute dog who strolls her way to the sandwich shop where her favorite food is waiting. She is now the talk of netizens because she is just so adorable in this way. On top of that funny pasttime she has, this dog is also beautiful and friendly. We can all bet that this dog is loyal too because if not, it won’t be favoring a long walk to the sandwich shop.

KRQE via Youtube


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