This happy puppy in the video is Augie, a rescued dog whose back legs are not working. His cheerfulness masks the walking difficulty that he had been born with, and that makes him so inspiring. He is not fooling everyone though as his rescuers know what he really wants to do beyond the happy facade and that is to run! Good thing that a doggie gym is available for dogs like him.

Gym and treats

Watch caring dog experts make Augie better in the doggie gym through exercises that teach him to stand and walk. He’s looking better in the gym, especially that the experts are using the best hack in the pup’s routines – treats, glorious treats! Truly, nothing beats having a few dog food and toy treats in hand to make training exercises easier.

Lasting effects for Augie

Behind the positive effects of gym exercises on Augie’s back legs difficulties, he still drags his rear paws when he is at home. It seems that Augie sometimes forgets his gym exercises on how to stand and walk using his back legs together with his front legs the moment he steps out of the gym. His instructors are getting worried that his therapies are not helping him enough. They are looking for ways and ideas to better help the cheerful pup, at least one that has a lasting effect on his memory.

This search to better help Augie is progressive, and the cheerful dog is showing good signs of retaining the exercises whether in or out of the doggie gym. It is a shared hope of his instructors and followers that he continues to get better so he can inspire others with the same difficulties. This is not a far cry given his happy and positive nature even to the most challenging times of his life.

Dodo Kids via Youtube


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