Like human children, puppies love playing games with their loved ones. These little dogs’ curiosity ultimately prompts them to interact with their significant others and learn from it while having fun.

With this, two comical Westie puppies try with all their might to wake their sleeping Bull Mastiff friend. But, the playful pups need to develop an ingenious idea to persuade the snoozing dog to play with them.

Let me out, buddy.

In this funny footage, an adorable doggy trio mingles with each other in a room. One of the dogs’ a brown-furred Bull Mastiff, while the other two are white Westie puppies.

At first glance, you’ll think one of the Westie pups and the Bull Mastiff enjoy an afternoon nap together while the other puppy’s playing with a toy. Yet, the little canine snuggling with the snoozing doggo isn’t sleepy as it starts squirming in place.

The Westie puppy even attempts to paw its way out as the Bull Mastiff inadvertently squishes it between its front paws. Seeing this, fur parent decides to continue watching to see how the scene unfolds.

Come on, let’s play.

Soon enough, the Westie puppy wiggles in between the larger canine’s legs. The feisty little pup even starts pawing at the Bull Mastiff’s mouth to make it loosen its hold.

Yet, this tactic didn’t work as the Westie pup adds licking to its list of strategies to awaken its canine buddy. Seeing the hopeless struggle that the little dog’s experiencing, its canine sibling saunters towards their direction. Soon enough, the Westie puppy pair join forces in a bid to wake the sleeping Bull Mastiff.

Do you think the pups succeeded in persuading the Bull Mastiff to play with them? Continue watching this adorable doggy trio’s interaction in live-action through the video clip below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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