Pets can get into all sorts of shenanigans, but sometimes it’s what they’re not doing that gives their human parents a splitting headache. Canadian author Jesse Jordan posted to Twitter a picture of his dog relishing his gifts, beside a massive pile of trash on his porch.

Jesse shared the interesting tale of his dog’s inability to stop a bear rummaging through his trash. The bear has discovered that if the dog is reasonably rewarded with deer bones, he can be persuaded to look the other way while he’s doing the misdeed.

The hound-mastiff beagle mixed breed Brick, short for Brickleberry, prefers sleeping outside their home because it’s cooler. He was appointed the ‘guard dog’ status, to growl at things to keep their home safe, especially during nighttime.

Since Jesse’s tweet, the dog-shaming post has been trending and has been retweeted for more than 30,000 times. It took a hilarious turn when everybody is on Brick’s side instead of Jesse.

One commented that Brick is just polite by graciously accepting the bear’s gift. Another follower thinks that Jesse is not compensating Brick enough and a better arrangement is given by the bear.

A follower asked a question: who wouldn’t want to read the book authored by the bear covering the art of negotiation? A follower was also inspired that if dogs and bears can devise a mutually convenient resolution, so can we.

Netizens have also gone to Twitter to beg Jesse to install a camera to see the arbitration in action. Some users criticized him for permitting Brick outside, but he stressed that unless they’re sick, bears will not attack.

It seems that dogs can make friends with anyone, including bears. Let’s hope that their promising friendship/business rapport doesn’t make life any tougher for Jesse. Cleaning up trash off of the porch is never fun.

Source: @JesseNeon via Twitter


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