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Just like humans, several changes happen to dogs when they age. They may slow down and prefer to stay at home and rest rather than play outside. But even if dogs become old already, that does not mean they could no longer go out on adventures.

At age 16, this dog named Cocoa the Chesapeake Bay Retriever still loves going on adventures. But due to her age, the dog’s mobility is already weak. With this, the dog’s family found a way to allow Cocoa to continue with the activities she enjoys the most.

One of the places that the dog likes to go to is Virginia Beach. Cocoa would often join her humans Tom Antonio and his wife, who love to see the sunset. For the past years, the couple would always bring the dog with them since the dog loves to swim on the beach.

When Cocoa reached her senior year, it became difficult for her to move, so the visits to the beach also became challenging. But even with this dilemma, Cocoa’s family developed a way to help the dog still enjoy the activities she previously does.

Cocoa’s family put a big dog bed on wheels and introduced this to the dog. With the help of this makeshift wheelchair, the dog could relax there. But more importantly, this bed will allow the dog to visit the beach more often.

Antonio came up with this idea because he and his wife wanted to see their beloved dog enjoy the pinnacle of her life. Since Cocoa already has the mobile bed, Antonio and his wife would often bring her to the beach like the old days.

Cocoa seemed overjoyed on the first day of their return to the beach. According to the couple, they felt happy with the result because they saw Cocoa having fun again.

Credits to GeoBeats Animals.


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